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We are a fast growing private and family-run company established in 2007. Our purpose is to offer personal service to other families by helping them choose the right water treatment solution for you and your family. We take pride in our Better Business Bureau rating at A+ Click here to check us out on their website.
TG Water Systems, is led by staff with over 15 years of experience in the field of the water treatment systems and solutions. Our main purpose is to inform you about the different types of solutions to obtain a better quality water in your home and by giving your family the water they deserve.  We specialize in whole house water softening products as well as Alkaline water, and well water Add-Ons. Our Systems are Certified NASA Technology and include SilverShield® Protection Technology.
NASA TECHNOLOGY SilverShield® Protection Technology- the Environmental Protection Agency evaluated the process and found silver carbon to be an effective bacterial growth inhibitor. 

MicroSilver Bacteriostasis technology uses microscopic particles of silver that are embedded into the SilverShield® Hygene® filter media using a proprietary process. The SilverShield Hygene filter media allows a controlled release of silver ions that attack microbes and inhibit their growth within the filter media bed of the water system, as well as removing or reducing tastes, odors and chlorine. SilverShield Hygene bacteriostatic filter media is included in the majority of Puronics residential products and in certain commercial products.

Our Mission:

We want to help your family have the best quality water possible, straight from the faucet of your home, at your own convenience. Our water treatment products will help you save money, they are energy efficient. Our company has been in business expanding all over the United States, with our headquarters office is located in Texas. Some of our other locations include but are not limited to the following states:

Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma,  Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Idaho, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Delaware, Florida. New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia....we are also currently working on a worldwide project! 

We currently service all the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area, as well as surrounding Counties.  

Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, The Colony, Carrollton, Denton, Dallas, Argyle, Dallas.

Find us also in Houston, Texas (Harris County, Glasscock County, Liberty County)

Available throughout US Disponible en todo USA


Not only will we inform you about the solutions to your purify your tap water and help you obtain a water treatment in your home, if you wish, we will also reach out to you via one of our qualified representatives to help you obtain the best water purifiers products that are offered today. We offer top of the line products like our Puronics Hydronex™, which is the best solution to have at home. This is top quality water would be available for you to use at every faucet in your home. 

Go Green 

TG Water Systems, LLC has advanced the technology of water treatment with joining Puronics® with the development of the Puronics Hydronex™ whole-house system. Through the implementation of 'green' technology, Puronics Hydronex™ provides high-quality water. Puronics® combines the advanced technology of its SilverShield®(incorporating NASA Technology) with 'green' technology to lead the industry in improving the health of your family and the Earth. Our water conditioners not only provides your family with the highest quality water, but it also lets you know when it is time to change the filter media. The digital control valve calculates the volume of water treated and notifies you when the SilverShield Hygene filter needs to be replaced. This advanced control valve also gives you three system regeneration options for maintaining optimum water quality while saving you money based on your family's water usage. The technology, performance and reliability of the Puronics Hydronex™ ensure your family will enjoy the water quality they deserve for years to come.

Benefits of Good Water Quality

Water Quality Tips 

Benefits of Quality Water


Hard Water and Your Home

According to the American Water Association, 85% of the United States has hard water. Hard water can:

• Create a buildup which makes appliances and plumbing work harder

• Shorten the lifetime of all water using appliances

• Require appliances to consume more energy, which costs homeowners money

• Require more than twice as much soap and detergent to get your clothes and dishes clean

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